Never get stuck again! With the Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter, it will be ready anytime, anywhere you need it. Unlike traditional jump starters that require a charge before jumping your car, the Rezervo Battertyless Jump Starter only requires a quick charge from your weak battery to get your car started.

Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter


The REZERVO batteryless jump starter uses ultracapacitor technology. It is able to harness the power from your weak battery and boost it to start your car. With built-in intelligent circuitry designs, it also prevents you from making mistakes while using the jump starter.

This jump starter performs well in extreme conditions. Traditional batteries, such as lead acid or lithium-ion, deliver lower cranking current at low temperatures. The ultracapacitors in our batteryless jump starter keep the same starting current even at extreme cold weather

Ultracapacitor Technology

Ultracapacitors are designed for instant charging and discharging, also capable of more power and more life cycles. These are just a few of the many benefits why engineers choose ultracapacitors over batteries in different applications. Ultracapacitors are proven energy storage devices that can replace the role of conventional batteries. They do not need regular recharging and can be stored while drained for years. 100% maintenance free!

Traditional batteries can store energy for months at a time, but would also require hours of recharging.
How many times do you find a drained jump starter when you need it?

Introducing Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter with ultracapacitor technology that can be instantly charged from various power sources within minutes. The ultracapacitor does not contain any toxic chemicals so it is environmentally friendly. With a long shelf life and wide operating temperature range, it is the next generation of portable jump starter.

Charging Methods

Use one of the following three ways to charge the jump starter



Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter
  • The jump starter can be recharged from any 5V 1A or greater USB port. Just plug in Micro USB adapter, it starts charging automatically.

  • Approx. 25-40 mins

From your own weak


Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter
  • Connect to a battery and press the ON/OFF switch, jump starter will be fully charged in minutes.

  • Approx. 100 Seconds

From a


Rezervo Batteryless Jump Starter
  • The jump starter can be recharged from a another car’s 12V socket. Just plug in the 12V adapter, charging starts automatically.

  • Approx. 150 Seconds

Video Demonstration

Jump starting demonstration on a vehicle with a weak battery

Jump starting demonstration on a vehicle with a completely drained battery

Override Fucntion: Bypassing the car battery or the car does not have a battery.